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ADFC (Abzar Daghigh Fanavaran Co.), the English translation of which is ITC (Instrumentation Technologists Co.), was established in 1995 in Tehran, the capital of Iran

The company focuses on control automation and instrumentation and focuses more on PC-based automation

Its services are in the field of information technology and computer industry (endorsed by the Programming and Budgeting Organization and Supreme Informatics Council) and technical services in the field of electronics and electrical engineering (approved by the Ministry of Industry) and the quality of technical service provided by ADFC is completely reliable

Its activities are based on providing industrial solutions and laboratory projects, testing and measuring systems and providing related equipment

The company has successfully completed several projects in various industries such as petrochemical, automotive, maritime, aviation, appliance factories , Spining and weaving and more

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The products offered in this company are divided into five categories:


  1. Industral Computer
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Thin Client
  5. 3D Printer


Industrial Computer:

In short, standalone computers are computers capable of working in harsh conditions.

Hard conditions are terms that distinguish the industrial environment from those such as office and home. Characteristics of these conditions include wide temperature range, high humidity, vibration, impact, shock and .... In this case, home computers obviously do not meet the needs of the industrial environment.

Types of industrial computers can be computer panel or Ebox computers and so on. Another way to use an industrial computer is to provide an industrial motherboard, in which case you can customize your motherboard to the required size, speed and features. In this case, the need for an industrial chassis and industrial display is also required.

Full-size motherboards offered by the company include full-sizeHalf Sizemini ITXPICO3.5 "EmbeddedEpicSBCPC104, Tiny and IMB series.

For a look at the different types of industrial motherboards available at this company, you can visit this link.

Other products in this category include Industrial KeyboardFlash MemoryPower SupplyRiser Card , BackPlain and all kinds of industrial converters.


Data Acquisition :

Many users in industrial automation projects prefer to use IPC instead of HMI and to program and control data and data from their devices on familiar operating systems such as Windows, using their own data cards.

Each user uses a variety of these cards for their industrial automation, depending on the speed of data processing and processing and the proportion of their system ports. Data Acquisition cards are divided into the following models according to their ports and slots:

RS485USBPCIISAPCI-ExpressPC104PC104 Plus and GPIO


Touch Screen :

Due to the difficulty of using the keyboard and mouse in industrial environments, many users use touch screen monitors. These monitors have either been touched from the beginning or touched by touch screens. Touchscreen plates have several types, the two most common being resistive and capacitive plates. Since resistive plates have a wider production and distribution, they are more expensive than capacitive plates, since capacitive plates are very sensitive, and even touching the finger may cause this to be a problem in running software, and Execute the unwanted command. On the other hand, because the resistive plates are in a shock state and do not have problems with gloves, or with wet, greasy, callus-free hands, our recommendation is to use resistive touchscreens in industrial environments.

Resistance plates come in three models of four, five and eight wires. The 5-wire plates have a longer useful life (about thirty million touches at one point) and the 4 and 8-wire plates have a useful life of 6 million touches at one point, which will go even further if used correctly.

The touch screens are connected to the computer case by a touch screen controller board. These boards are of two models: one USB controller board and the other RS232 controller board which can be customized according to both models. You have a voltage to operate the RS-232 controller board.

They range in size from 3 to 21.5 inches.

Finally, there are certain types of touch screens that are referred to as medical and outdoor touches, which are used in labs and in bright environments.


ThinClient :

Thin Client is a computer network that does not need to have strong hardware on its own. Thin clients connect to the server over the network, and the stronger the server, the thinner the client will be optimized and more clients can feed from the server . We connect to the server in the Thin Clients using a low-capacity memory that has a minimum operating system to remotely perform the tasks that our server allows. This operation is not suitable for heavy graphics work but it is suitable for office and internet cafes. These thin clients are the product of ICOP Taiwan. One of the positive features of these iboxes is that it operates at a voltage of 5 volts and current of about two amps, and since these devices are fanless where many computers are needed, there is a remarkable saving of energy and even noise generated in the closed environment. So in large environments, after some time, you will be paid back.

In addition, the aluminum body of these sinks and the above mentioned gives you the risk of being proprietary so that you can use these iBox computers in industrial environments.

Available models of these iBoxes are:

ebox-3300MXebox4300, ebox3300AMebox-2300SX

Through this link you can see a technical comparison of the types of EBOXs available.

One of the mistakes customers make is that they are using a mini PC instead of a Thin Client or expecting their Thin Client to support new operating systems, which is a vain expectation because if your server is strong your clients will be strong even with Minimal hardware.

3D Printer :


The 3D printer provided by the company is Duino ENJOY and is one of the smallest and most efficient 3D printers at a very reasonable price in the market.

Compatible with efficiency and ease of use and Fanavaran Precision Instrument Company is proud to sell and support this product in Iran.

The technology used in this printer is the FFF, which uses three-dimensional modeling by melting PLA filaments and layered material injection.

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