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Duino ENJOY 3D printer is one of the smallest and most efficient 3D printers at a very reasonable price in the market

In terms of efficiency and ease of use, it is competitive and Fanavaran Precision Instrument Company is proud to sell and support this product.

In Iran

The technology used in this printer is FFF, which works by melting PLA filaments and injecting materials in layers

.To build a 3D model




Applications of 3D printers

Nowadays 3D modeling in various fields such as segmentation, architecture, industrial design, robotics, industry

.Aerospace and ... are common. Previously, these modeling took the form of two-dimensional images on display screens or on paper


.They were presented to help people understand what designers had in mind

3D printers have the ability to produce any piece in any shape or angle, whether full or hollow, smooth

,Whether curved, ... it has every piece with any design. This need is palpable everywhere. Industry, medicine, education

Automotive, military, and anything that requires simulation, replica production, and prototype design, using 3D printers

.Next, it can also speed up the process of simulating and replicating parts and just by printing the design

Three-dimensional examines the piece in a very short time

.The benefits of this model are its compactness, low noise and odor in the production process